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The terms "consulting" and "advising" are often used synonymously to describe outsourced services used by companies to solve problems or improve performance. However there are subtle differences between the two. Consulting is typically considered a process to help a company uncover a specific problem and arrive at a solution. Advising is usually a longer term relationship. The advisor helps uncover problems, but more often directs the clients on where to go for help. Consultants  are considered problem solvers and help you find the root cause of a problem and to help to fix it.

Once the problem is solved the consultant moves on. Advisors use a bigger picture approach to help the client to deal with ongoing challenges.

Here at Enertec, we interpret our advisory role as guiding our clients toward improvement by assisting in problem discovery and advising on resolutions using our wide ranging experience in business process infrastucture.

Where consulting relationships are commonly short lived many of our clients hire and  retain  our  advisors  on  an ongoing  basis.  In fact, some  of  our clients  have  included us within their business process  advisory  board

that  meets  regularly  to  review  their  company  processes and to offer advice.

The level of independence in relationships between clients and their advisors can be an effective way to maintain unbiased input into problem solving. We take great care and pride in our involvement with clients and have been active in the resolution of process, energy, project, manufacturing problems and improvements as a result.

We are passionate about quality delivery and response and have worked closely with many organisations for many years as trusted advisors.

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