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Throughout the past 22 years Enertec has forged strong relationships with many quality suppliers, manufacturers and contractors. The combination of our in house and partner relationships enables a comprehensive service delivery to our customers.

Where possible we use the "Passivhaus" approach to managing energy. Simplistically we look at the building fabric, insulation, ventilation, glazing, lighting and window shading. Often minor changes to these building elements can result in significant energy savings and improved internal comfort conditions from a relatively low tech, low cost solution.

Using as many passive solutions as possible within a building has the added benefits of low maintenance and simple  operation. Sometimes it really does make sense to collect the low hanging fruit first.

The next level of energy management is generally based upon improved control of the mechanical and electrical assets within the building. Typically BMS ( Building Management Systems ) can be designed to ensure that the energy using plant within the building are controlled to ensure the correct comfort levels whilst minimising the energy consumption of the plant. An added feature beyond control is the ability of the system to communicate alarms and condition reports to remote locations enabling a level of remote management and response. Enertec and its partners can provide simple or sophisticated BMS, fully installed and commissioned and can offer remote alarm and report management of the plant if required.The data and reports can be produced and presented at regular meetings with the customer to ensure that the building systems are operating in an efficient manner. Where possible renewable energy using plant should be considered where replacement  is required

The final level of energy management is the actual plant. Boilers, pumps, chillers, air conditioners, kitchen equipment, laundry equipment and air handling units are all major energy users. Modification, upgrade or replacement of aging plant will generally provide a realistic ROI given the innovations in the design of modern plant. Enertec can provide a full site survey and subsequent report to enable a forward looking plan to be budgeted to address the condition of the building energy using assets.

We can also work with our customers to provide effective project management to all other aspects of building services including roofing, glazing, building works, plumbing, drainage, car parks, sprinkler systems, electrical works, internal fabrics, doors, decorating ........ if it is part of the building our teams can project manage it !

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