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For many years Enertec has provided Project and Energy Management and Energy Saving Products to the UK Carehome and Senior Living sectors. The welfare and comfort of the elderly residents within these facilities is of primary importance in all aspects of our service delivery.

Working within the senior living and care home environment requires an in depth understanding of the needs of the residents and the often unique working requirements so as to always ensure that any works are undertaken safely and with minimum disruption to their daily lives.

Our solutions always consider the the impact of any scheme on the health and well being of the residents. All projects are undertaken in such a way as to minimise the impact of the works and to where possible ultimately improve the home environment and comfort levels.

We also understand that the care home operators and owners need to be profitable in order to maintain high standards within their businesses. Enertec looks to provide the highest standard of project management whilst being continually aware of the need for cost control in all areas of our activities.

Energy management initiatives are a prime consideration in the effective control of utilities usage whilst maintaining the internal environmental conditions that are essential for senior living.

Often overlooked is the use of passive energy management, particularly the use of window shading, solar blinds and planting to provide low tech highly effective solutions to overheating of buildings and reducing heat losses. Windows are a primary requirement in providing light and airy internal spaces but unfortunately they are also responsible for significant heat gains in summer months and high heat losses during winter months.

Modern shading and blind solutions can be manual or automatic and can provide an excellent low cost , low maintenance option to ensure year round improved energy saving and  comfort conditions without the need for additional mechanical heating or air conditioning plant. As Summer approaches, even here in the UK, it can bring with it serious temperature management concerns to Care Home Owners, Managers and Staff.

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